Customer Care

Customer Care

Our sole purpose in business is to serve the ongoing needs of our customer base. If there are no customers to help, then there’s no Hollinbay, it’s that simple.

This makes customer care our No. 1 priority, and all of the team work incredibly hard to ensure that this requirement is upheld at all times.

However, none of the team professes to be perfect, and they also recognise that it’s impossible to please everyone all of the time, but they do genuinely care about customer concerns and try their utmost every day to make sure that every customer’s experience with Hollinbay is as positive as possible.

Hollinbay specialises in solving problems relating to IT, it’s what we do best and it’s why our team comes into work every day. They enjoy using their expertise to help customers either improve upon what they already have, or to resolve a technical issue which is preventing them from doing what they do best.

Customer Survey Stats

How customers rated Hollinbay’s IT Technicians:

Outstanding 16%
Excellent 70%
Sufficient 14%
Poor 0%
Awful 0%

How customers rated Hollinbay’s IT Consultants:

Outstanding 14%
Excellent 75%
Sufficient 11%
Poor 0%
Awful 0%

Customers that would recommend Hollinbay:


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