IT Services - Free Site Survey

FREE IT Survey

Our engineers use specialist software to determine the operational performance of your servers, networks, storage and more.

IT Consultancy Services

Get FREE and impartial advice, from industry experts who are backed by a team of fully qualified engineers.

IT Services - Consultancy
IT Services - WAN LAN Design

WAN LAN Design & Implementation

Hollinbay can update, expand or re-build your entire infrastructure.

Virtual IT Director

When board-level IT decisions need to be made, our owner’s expertise will always guide you to the best solution.

IT Services - Virtual IT Director

What makes Hollinbay’s IT Services so special?

Hollinbay genuinely care about your quality of service, and our team make every effort to ensure our customers always receive the most efficient IT services possible.

What types of IT Service do Hollinbay offer?

Our range of IT Services cover most aspects of IT-related consultancy. From first-line general enquiries, up to (and including) board-level strategy and implementation, Hollinbay can provide the services that will get your IT moving in the right direction.

How will your IT Services meet my demands?

Our team will start with an introductory meeting to establish what you would like to achieve. If it’s required, we can also organise a free IT survey to determine how effective your existing systems are at delivering the IT your business needs. Once we understand your aims and budgetary requirements, we will create a plan of action that will detail how we intend to help your business achieve its goals.

How flexible are Hollinbay’s IT Services?

Even if multiple companies use the same core systems and solutions, they will all be utilised in different ways. Some will use more memory, others will need more processing power etc. No two companies are exactly alike, and this is why our philosophy is to; supply a range of IT Services, Solutions and Support, that can be individually tailored to suite your individual requirements.

Are your IT Services ongoing?

Hollinbay aim to build long lasting relationships with every customer by becoming a one-stop-shop for all things IT related.

Hollinbay will be there to help, as long as you need IT.

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