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IT Support Services

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Faulty Software? Broken Hardware? Network Failure or Internet Loss? Our experts can provide the support your business needs.

Computer Network and Servers

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Build the best foundation for your business by letting Hollinbay install, manage and maintain your network infrastructure.

IT Support - Networks & Servers
IT Support - Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

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Viruses, system failures, data loss and nature can all have devastating affects on your business. Take action now, before it’s too late.

Business Continuity Plan

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With a continuity plan in place, your most important data will always be accessible, should the worst ever occur.

IT Support - Business Continuity

What makes Hollinbay’s IT Support so special?

IT Support related issues have the power to turn your working day into a complete nightmare. When you just need things to run smoothly, and they don’t, it can cause huge amounts of frustration and unwanted additional stress. This is why we believe customers have been relying on the expert knowledge of our Engineers, to resolve their queries, quickly and efficiently for over two and half decades!

What types of IT Support do Hollinbay offer?

Our range of support can all be packaged differently, depending on the levels and speed of escalation that you require. However, we offer all customers guaranteed response times and remote telephone support as a bare minimum.

How will my IT Support issues be processed?

All IT Support issues are processed as tickets, via our online Helpdesk system. By logging your fault online, or over the telephone with a member of the team, your issue will be automatically placed in a virtual queue, and dealt with as soon as possible. This removes any call centre-esk queues, and also guarantees that your issue is dealt with in a professional, well organised manor.

What happens if I need IT Support on premises?

Hollinbay employs a team of highly-skilled, fully qualified engineers, who can either visit your premises to resolve the problem, or bring the affected equipment back to Hollinbay’s workshop for further investigation.

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