Cybersecurity Awareness 2018 Event

Cybersecurity Awareness 2018

Woodlands Hotel, Leeds 17th October

Delegates learned some ‘eye-opening’ facts about cyber crime at our Cybersecurity Awareness event yesterday. The event, was which hosted by Hollinbay and was designed to be a knowledge sharing opportunity giving delegates the chance to understand what the hot trends are, how they operate, how best to protect themselves and to ask any questions they had. Robert Harder, Hollinbay’s Managing Director opened the event surprising us all with the cost of cyber crime to businesses around the globe now reaching $3,000,000,000,000 world wide – that’s more more than the UK’s GDP!


Industry experts gave short presentations in their areas of specialisms;

Sergeant Shelton Newsham from Yorkshire & Humber Regional Cyber Crime Unit, told us just how easily our personal mobile devices can be used to infiltrate your home and bank accounts.

Lee Rendell from Kaspersky told us about current trends that their security software is preventing.

Dominic Ryles from Exertis told us about the kinds of cyber crime that Sonic wall is preventing and new types of threats that are on the rise.

Craig Owens from Newfox told us how easy it is to be hacked when you are out and about using mobile devices.

And we had a real live hacker in our midst ……..we witnessed a live hacking demonstration that showed us how from the tiniest bit of information, a hacker can steal our user identity, hack into our IT infrastructure and start to change what ever they like. It was scary to see, but forewarned is forearmed and delegates left the event knowing exactly how to prevent this sort of thing happening to them.

One lucky delegate Sally Purdy from S Jenkinson, who said she never wins anything in her life, won the prize draw for a Microsoft Surface Pro and went home happy and wiser.

After the presentations there was plenty of opportunity for one to one questions and answers over coffee and Danish pastries and to pick up some free home security software and giveaways.

The immediate feedback from delegates has been excellent. They found it both informative and enjoyable and definitely worthwhile attending. We are planning more events like this, if you would like to attend then please contact


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